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(Philadelphia, September 25, 2015) Greg Davis, age 16, and Victoria Langdon, age 12, are “psyched” because their mothers sang for Pope John Paul II on his historic visit to Philadelphia in 1979. Anna Guaracao, a 16 year-old Colombian-American, is, in her own words, “freaking out because my very first CD was a Juanes album. I just screamed when I heard I might be on the same stage with him!”

Davis, Langdon and Guaracao are three of the 60 members of the Pennsylvania Girlchoir (PG) and Keystone State Boychoir (KSB) selected to sing with Juanes, the Latin American sensation, in the final number of the Festival of Families concert Saturday night on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where Pope Francis will be in attendance.

Stefan Rogowski, age 11, is excited to be chosen because he says his dream is to be Pope one day. “At first, his claim seemed suspiciously strategic,” says Director Steven Fisher, who was charged with selecting the 60 singers from more than 600 in the organization. But as it turns out Rogowski is a first generation Polish-American. “It is obvious when speaking to Stefan that his stated life goal is sincere,” adds Fisher. “The afterglow of  the “Polish pope,” John Paul II, obviously still burns bright in the Rogowski family.”

Bobby Hill, age 14, an aspiring opera singer with experience performing in Italy and with Opera Philadelphia, vied for a spot because, he says, “I want to be discovered by Andrea Bocelli backstage!” In addition to the blind mega star, PG and KSB will share the program with gospel legend Aretha Franklin and the Philadelphia Orchestra. And then there are Tamir Oliver, age 14, Kailah White, age 10, and Elijahwan Cannon, age 10, who all came to the choirs through “Find Your Instrument!,” the organization’s outreach program in local underserved schools Tamir, who was promoted to the Boychoir three years ago, has already sung at Carnegie Hall, on Broadway with a Tony Award winner, and toured Australia and New Zealand. “It’s way cool to be singing for the Pope and all,” says Tamir, “but I’m pretty experienced singing for famous people.”

Indeed, PG and KSB are no strangers to singing for VIPs. They have performed for presidents, heads of state, and ambassadors around the world. They also have an impressive track record of singing for people who – like Pope Francis – promote peace, including Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson and Nobel Peace Prize winners Aung San Suu Ky and Malala Yousafzai.

PG and KSB are a perfect fit for this particular event. Not only are they considered to be the finest Girlchoir and Boychoir in the region, but they hold a distinction no other choral organization can boast: the first and only one in history to have sung in Antarctica. “My understanding is that Pope Francis will be enjoying the concert with six families – each one representing one of the six continents,” added Fisher. “We are thrilled that our choral family will represent that elusive seventh continent, making this event truly a world meeting.”

Pennsylvania Girlchoir and Keystone State Boychoir are always looking to welcome new singers who want to make amazing music in venues here in Philadelphia and abroad. To schedule an audition, call 215-849-1762.


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Mark Wahlberg with KSB and PG Singers

Anna Guaracao of Pennsylvania Girlchoir can’t wait to see Juanes here!

Archbishop Charles Chaput with Tamir Oliver of Keystone State Boychoir

Archbishop Charles Chaput and Stefan Rogowski of Keystone State Boychoir

The Keystone State Boychoir and Pennsylvania Girlchoir hope to present this Antarctic rock to Pope Francis at the Festival of Families concert

Pennsylvania Girlchoir singing at the Liberty Medal ceremony for Liberty Medal and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai

Keystone State Boychoir stepping off the plane in Antarctica

Keystone State Boychoir singing in Antarctica

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